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Our passion is to ensure that your dog has a great time with us whether walking or home boarding.

Cat Sitting

You don't need me to tell you that when you go on holiday, your cat doesn't like it! Cats hate change and when you go on holiday it usually means they also have to go on holiday to the cattery. Although your cat will be well looked after and may even be in a large pen, he can't roam free like he can at home.


Cats have favourite hunting grounds and hiding areas and even indoor cats manage to create these around the house, so they are loathe to leave them.




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Our cat sitting service includes once a day visit or twice daily visits to you home if required whilst you are away to feed your cat, spend some time playing with him and giving cuddles.


We also offer to water indoor plants, pick up the mail and put the bins out for you, all included in the cat sitting fee.


"Please let Rosegarth come and look after me whilst you are on holiday"

If your cat goes outside then we recommend two visits per day, one morning and one evening. If your cat has a cat flap one visit may be enough. It will depend how many times a day you feed your cat.


If your cat is an indoor cat then one daily visit may suffice but will do two visits if it fits in with your cats feeding routine.


We charge £7.00 per visit for Hambleton, Gateforth, Thorpe Willoughby and Brayton. Other areas will be subject to travelling costs.



Cat Sitting Fees