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email: rosegarth.dogwalkers@yahoo.co.uk

Tel: Mandy Cox on 07909 832756

Our passion is to ensure that your dog has a great time with us whether walking or home boarding.

Getting ready to go on holiday can be almost as exciting as the actual holiday.


It is so important that whilst you are away you do not spend your time worrying about how your dog has settled in kennels. I look after your dog in my own home and will promise you peace of mind that he or she will have just as good a time on holiday as you will.


I only take one dog at a time into my home and your dog will be very much a part of the family joining in with everything we do. We do get booked up quickly so it is important that you book early. We have a large dog friendly garden and will also ensure that your dog gets at least three good walks a day and make lots of new friends. Of course it goes without saying that older dogs and less energetic dogs will also be catered for.


I own a very well behaved Weimaraner called Duke who is very friendly and gentle and loves it when our visitors come to stay. Your dog will accompany me and Duke on our daily booked walks and meet lots of different dogs.


Doggy Holidays!

Booking Conditions

> Your dog must be house trained.


> Young dogs must have got beyond the destructive stage that some dogs go through.


> Your dog must be well socialised as it will accompany me on walks with other dogs.


> We cannot take an anti social dog because we have a dog of our own and your dog would be living with him.


> Don't worry if your dog is elderly or not very active, we can adjust the number of walks we take him on to suit his level of activity and there is always somebody at home so he won't be left alone.


> If your dog walks off lead it must have good recall, although if it has to be walked on the lead that is not a problem.


> Before we take a booking we ask you to being your dog for a visit so that we can meet him and you can see and be happy with where your dog is staying. Your dog will sleep in the house, we do not have kennels.


> Your dog must be fully innoculated and be up to date with flea and worming treatment.


> We recommend that you bring your dogs normal food and bed as well as favourite toys. This way your dog does not end up with an upset tummy and has the comfort of familiar smells from his bed.


Our fee for this service £25.00 per night. We know we are not the cheapest but we think we are the best and we know your dog will have a brilliant happy holiday with us and you will have peace of mind. And if you use Facebook, you can see daily postings of what we got up to whilst you are away!


Some of the things our visitors enjoy such as lovely country walks, picnics in the garden, making new friends, the doggie gym in the garden, playing chase, snoozing on a comfy sofa or just cuddling up together at the end of a busy day.