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Tel: Mandy Cox on 07909 832756

Our passion is to ensure that your dog has a great time with us whether walking or home boarding.


Ann Janik


Thank you so much for the way you looked after our cats. The report of what the cats got up to on your visits was very reasurring and we would be happy to leave them in your care again.





Kelly Hepworth,


Just a quick note to say thank you very much for looking after our cats Poppy and Harvey for me over the last few days.  I especially liked the update you left us, that's a really nice touch!


Sounds like Poppy was a bit of a nuisance, she can be a bit temperamental but you won her round in the end.


I felt much happier while I was away knowing that the puddies were at home and not in the cattery and so the arrangements from our point of view has gone really well.


The service you provide is fantastic, allowing them to stay in their own environment, and having the personal touch of having someone look after them who clearly cares about the animals. Knowing you we're looking after them really eased my mind.


I will definitely be contact with you again next time I need them looking after, and next time I'm sure they'll remember you.




Keith, Jo and Jennifer Tovey,


Hi Mandy and Graham

Have just visited your blog and it was lovely to read what Murphy had been up to and see the photos. He has obviously had a great time with you and spent the walk today looking for other dogs, having seen so many friends all week!

Thank you for taking such great care of him and having you there for him made our holiday even more relaxing.

Thanks again and also for the guinea pigs as well.




Helen Howcroft,


We are Rosie & Burton two very lively and loveable labradors. We love going for walks with Auntie Mandy, she's such good fun! We get to go to different places and meet lots of other doggies. Sometimes we are allowed to play with them but only if they're friendly. We sometimes take a ball with us so we can play catch and she helps us find it when we lose it, which is all the time! When we get home we can have a little treat as our Mum says it's ok. We sometimes get bored and make a mess but Auntie Mandy tells us off and cleans it up, otherwise we would be in big trouble. Before she leaves she writes a message to let our Mum and Dad know what we've been up to and we get our coats dried and brushed. If Arnie the cat is home he gets a little cuddle too. Auntie Mandy is the best.




Jo & Deryck Sayers,


We have tried a couple of dog walkers and been very disappointed, but with Rosegarth we couldn't be happier. They really do love dogs and you can trust them completely with your furry friends. We know Eddie our beagle looks forward to his walks and the occasional sleepover.




Amy Wright,


Mandy provides and invaluable service for me whilst I am at work. Brian loves his walks in the middle of the day and I always know that he's been up to because Mandy leaves a note to let me know. I can tell when I get in from work that he is a happy little chap and had a good day. Highly recommended!




Fiona Jackson,


Mandy at Rosegarth is reliable and Rosie our border collie loves it when she arrives and looks forward to her walk. Rosie has also stayed with Mandy for a weekend and when we got there Rosie was very excited and pleased to see Mandy in her own home. When I came to collect her it was obvious that Rosie had settled in very well. She was calm and she didn't sulk with us when she came back home for being left, a great bonus!




Claire Tiplady,


Mandy and Graham provide a fantastic service for dog walking and home boarding. Mandy is very trustworthy and we feel comfortable having her in our home. Rodney, our greyhound, really enjoys his walks especially with other dogs and Mandy has really helped Rodney's socialisation with other dogs. When Mandy leaves Rodney after a walk she ensures that his coat is brushed and that he has had plenty of attention and cuddles. Rodney especially enjoys his overnight stays where he has been known to enjoy a little bit of steak and a comfy spot on the couch. We thoroughly recommend Mandy and Graham.




Jennifer Gummerson,


We have been using Rosegarth Dog Walkers for over a year and Mandy provides and excellent service which works really well with our work commitments. Dexter, our labrador, is really well looked after by Mandy and we don't have to worry about him in Mandy's safe hands, which is the most important thing to us.



Helen Jones,


We got home last night to a very happy little pussy cat! He's already asking when we're going away again...sounds like he's got you well and truly under the 'paw'. Thank you!



Elen Hughes,


We've just arrived home to a very happy cat. Thank you so much for looking after him and Mr Bojangles. We've enjoyed reading their report and chuckled at Monkey's misbehaviour with his treats this morning.I hope they've both been well behaved on the whole.


A big thank you for bringing the washing in, dealing with the recycling bins and closing the curtains on an evening. We will definately be recommending you to our friends and will hopefully see you again when we plan our next trip.




Val White,


Auntie Mandy, Thank you for becoming our friend and walking and caring for us whilst our mummy is out at work. Lots of 'woofs' from Archie,  Barley and Willow, the cocker spaniels.